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moon help: backstory

Moon base building first was thought about, and theorised about, in the late 20th to early 21st century. Man figured that if no where else, they'd at least colonise Luna, the moon. Indeed in 2042, they did just that, setting up various bases on the moons surface. Things did not, however, go according to plan.
The moons economy crashed in the following 3 years, causing it to go into recession. While Earth government tried to help, it was like tossing money in a black hole and in 2062, the entire colony was shut down.
Later in 2204, the moon was taken over by the Caitsa, and became a major base of operations until its reoccupation by the humans in 2208.
In 2260, the moon became the front for a massive protest against the colonisation of Danimara and the plans to make it a new Earth.
2263 saw a terrorist attack strike the moon, the result of which caused the alliance to agree on the name Danimara, meaning New Land, or New farm, in Dragonic, and homeland fresh, in Ryuchi, though that language did not come around until later. When, in 2364, Danimara's atmosphere began to spiral the same way Earth's did, Earth's moon had to be shut due to the amount of protests taking place on it.
Not much took place around Luna, though many people tried to buy it, until in 2430, it was destroyed in a solar flair from SOL that killed over 95,000,000 men, women and children in one fowl hit.
That was the end of moon base building, or any kind of moon activity for many years. It was assumed that moons were a complete loss. No one tried to colonise, no one tried anything until a brave, or perhaps foolish, set of young men calling themselves The Mooning Mooners, decided to try and buy themselves a moon. They did it without government clearance, nor any funding and naturally, ended up pfailing epically.
In 2489 they had to be rescued and their moon was lost. Did this upset them? Not at all.
When Chief General Maryanne came to power, they pushed forward their idea again, suspiciously close to the same time in which the Freedom Fighters, a group of almost terrorists pushed for free space again. Free space is a concept frowned upon by everyone, in which space would just be open territory, with no Navy to answer too. This idea has, and will continue to be, summarily rejected out of hand, but Kayla found a compromise. Moon base building would go ahead, and on those, you could build your own private attack drones.
If it came down to it, these drones wouldn't hold up in a stiff breeze, but it was enough, and moon base building begun.
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