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host help: properties to set for donator items

heat shields=player.heatrise to 1
star immunity=player.staremune to 1
cargo drone speed increase=player.cargo_wait_time to 1
cargo transferring speed upgrade=player.quicktransfer to 1
subatomic time=player.subdon to 1
immunity from dirt=player.nulldirt to 1
automatic moving of character to mapped location=player.pathtrack to 1
skip death and revival scenes: @set .deathrespawndon to 1
speed walk time reduced so you don't wait a second per move=player.speedwalk to 1
If you need to maximize a skill for someone as a donator request, you can refer to me.skills. That will show you the skill, followed by the property to set.
In order to max all of a player's skills, the command is @skill-max
To set the half skill timer for someone, get the value of time(), add 3600, and set it as their halftime prop
To add rooms to a frame, set its ship.rooms prop
To increase maximum ship slots, player.maxslots to
For the weapons donator item, set the .special prop.
For assignment points, use the list editer to edit .bodyparts.
for the no repo factories item, its factory.norepo=1
custom log off message: @set player.quit_msg to ""
custom log off prefix: @set player.logoff_msg to ""
custom log on prefix: @set player.logon_msg to ""
Lift stuff:
enter_lift: The player sees when he enters the lift, %D=lift
oenter_lift: everyone else sees when they enter the lift, %D=lift
call_lift: What the player sees when calling the lift.
ocall_lift: What everyone else sees when player calls the lift.
lift_messages: set this on a room, it is a list of strings to show when a lift is moving. %D=lift name
increase a rooms allowed ambient messages: room.allowed_ambient_messages to
For the draw/sheath messages:
props are draw_messages, and holster_messages.
%b=the belt name
%h=the holster or sheathe
%d=the weapon
For the slinging donator item, the props are sling_messages and unsling messages with this format:
{"message player sings when it is first weapon slung.","Message others see for first sling.","Message player sees when he slings and crosses it with another weapon.","What other others see when he slings and crosses."}
for unsling_messages, it takes this format;
{"What player does when unslinging while standing, from his perspective.","What player does when unslinging while standing, from others perspective.","What player does when sitting, from his perspective.","What others see."}
In these, %D can refer to the weapon, %n the player, and %2 the already slung weapon.
private networks. If a player donates to have the number of networks they can create increased just set their pn_limit to plus what ever it already is. So @d player.pn_limit, then @set player.pn_limit to that number plus how ever many they donated for.
note max private network channels is 5
.ringtones and .texttones for custom ring and text tones
.on-sequence and .off-sequence for armor customisation. Each item in the list should take the form of: {"What player sees","what everyone else sees"}, %n=player, %d=armor
for dragon fire colors set player.firecolor
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