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host help: morphing

From time to time, you may want to take on the appearance of another character in order to roleplay.
This is fairly easy to do, and is done with the following commands:
1. If your character is comms only:
1.1: type @name, and follow the prompts.
1.2: type @set-accent.
2. If your character is one that will be moving about:
2.1: use @name and follow the prompts.
2.2: type @set-accent.
2.3: type @set me.walking_style to style, where style is your walking style. The style must be in quotes, for example: @set me.walking_style to ~"strut"
2.4: Set your characters description: @describe me as x, where x is your descriptionb. X does not have to be in quotes.
If you wish to make your character more perminant, and easy-to-switch to, you can save your name, rank, last name, accent and walking style by typing @addchar. At any time, to switch to the new character, type @char.
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