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host help: Pronoun Substitution

What is pronoun substitution?
First of all, lets split these big words up.
Substitution: Tu put one thing in the place of another. For example, to substitute a player in a football match.
How does it work?
On Cosmic Rage, we use pronoun substitution a lot so as to give you as the player the best and most customizable experience of your life.
What are they used in?
Clothing stores,
foods and cafes,
and much, much more.
how do I use them?
More often than not, you can figure out how to use pronoun substitution by the beginning letter of what you are wanting to do.
To start a pronoun substitute we start with a percent symbol "%".
WE would then follow this up with any of the following:
%A: a or an.
%C: colour
%D: an object, for example, a fridge.
%N: the player or object on which you are putting these pronouns.
%p: a pair
%S: a second type option.
%T: a primary type option.
Urg my head... I can't code, explain this simpler!
The item we will use for example 1 is a dress:
a blue form-fitting silky dress.
Lets split this up:
%C: colour, blue
%T: type option, form fitting
%S: secondtype, silky
%N: name, dress
%A: a/or/an: a
pronoun substitute: %A %C %T %S %N
While it is true at first pronoun substitution can seem a little daunting, once you have read this file over once or twice, you can then get the hang of it.
To include punctuation next to a pronoun, put a space between the pronoun and the punctuation, like so:
%N jumps for joy, bopping %D , on the nose.
bob jumps for joy, bopping dave, on the nose.
While the above example is an incorrect use of a comma and will have English Graduates banging their heads on their tables while their screen readers drone on and on and on... It gets the point across.
pronoun substitution can also be used in emotes, like so:
%N: players name
$object: an object.
emote while singing about biscuits, %N punches $bob 's lights out.
While singing about biscuits, dave punches bob's lightss out.
It is important to note that some clients require you to put them in pass through mode in order to pass the pronouns correctly.
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