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general help: the galactic senate

Much like The United States or Starwars, for that matter, Cosmic Rage's government is made up by a Galactic senate. This senate is made up by the leading bodies of government in the galaxies as shown below:
Group, percentage held, description:
|sdf, 30 percent, made up of the three most senior generals of the military, the sdf section of the senate has been known to hold significant sway in votes and are more often than not approached first before the senate. The military pulls a lot of the punch when it comes to laws and have a reputation for being harsh but truthful.
The dragon royalty[tdr], 25 percent, made up of the dragon queen and her most senior advisors, the dragon queen is well known for being careful and intelligent in her votes. In tradition with her race her votes are most often on the side of peace and the other senate members hold a healthy dose of respect for her intelligence and wisdom.
The Ryuchi regime[TRR], 20 percent, Made up of the Ryuchi war General and his two most senior guards this sector of the senate is well-known for brash and harsh voting, always airing on the side of destruction to avoid minimal casualties. While not exactly prideful, the Ryuchi War General's votes is known for being direct, to the point, and without preamble. The most noteable quality about the general's voting is he will always vote on the side of combat unless it means endangering lives. His voting is hot headed, but not stupid.
The cy-larkan continuom[TCC], 15 percent, Holding the smallest vote in the senate due to their relatively new status to it the cy-larkan continuom vote is made up of the Cy-larkan king and queen and several trusted officials. The cy-larkans are not very trusted in the senate and the Ryuchi often take steps to try to counter votes that the larkans back. The Ryuchi general and cy-larkan king have never got along but are politically civil in the house. The cy-larkan king is known for his heavy reliance on his wife. The queen is analytical saying nothing until it is necessary. They are not held in as high regard as The dragon queen, but the larkan's ability to annalyse is well-trusted.
Other planets, 10 percent, made up of one or two world leaders from each planet, this section of the senate is often in arguments with each other and more often than not rarely agrees at all. Due to the mixed race and mixed personalities displayed in this section of the senate, no one actually can ever predict which way they will vote.
The senate contains 350 people in total.
The location of the senate house is unknown to those except in attendance. When people need to speak to the senate, they are taken to a holographic room in which they see only themselves.
ties in the senate are chosen by the current leader.
The current leader, or president, of the senate, is the dragon queen. It rotates from race to race every 15 years.
It is due to rotate in 2500 and will switch to the human race next.
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