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general help: matching

On Cosmic Rage, matching refers to interacting with an object and, hopefully, it being the correct object. Most of the time this is easy but there are times that it can really confuse people.

Almost all objects have multiple keywords, or aliases. For example, if you have a pet called a black cat named Midnight, it would likely have aliases of black, cat, named, and Midnight, as well as combinations of those words such as black cat. However, you might also have a black shiny info computer that you are wearing, and it would have the keyword of black, as well.

Whenever possible, it's good to use a unique alias when referring to an object. In the above example, l Midnight would likely look at the cat, while look black might look at the cat, or it might look at the computer. This isn't always possible, though. What if you also had a midnight blue ship computer and a bag with a cat on it? Now things get more complicated.

There are several ways to get around these objects with the same aliases. First, if l black didn't look at the right thing, you can try l 2.black, l 3.black, and so on until you find the right thing. This also works for get, which comes in very handy when you want to pick up three bags but the second get command tells you you already have that. Matching almost always finds objects in your inventory first, so using get bag when you have one already isn't going to work. Get 2.bag and get 3.bag will, however.

Following are a few commands that can help make things easier when it comes to matching to the correct objects.
match : Have the game tell you what the keyword matches to. Examples: match key, match 4.white.
find : Locate an item in the room that has the specified keyword and belongs to you, useful especially for vehicles or trolleys. Find transport might tell you that 8.transport is yours, for example.
label as : This allows you to assign an additional alias to an object for easier matching. If, for example, 8.trolley was yours, you could label it with the keyword supertrolley and, assuming no one else used the same label for theirs, l supertrolley would always look at yours.

One final note about matching. As stated above, matching almost always sees things in your inventory first. There are two situations where this fact can cause confusion for some people. First, when you buy a vehicle you are also given a fob with the same name. Unless you also have a keyring for the fob to go on, this means that trying to enter the vehicle, no matter what keyword you use, is going to fail because it thinks you are trying to enter the fob. Use enter 2.vehiclename instead. Second, if you are carrying multiples of the same object and you drop one, then try interacting with it just using one of its aliases, it won't work. You'll need to either use 5. or whatever the appropriate number is, or drop all of the same objects, or put the extras in a container. Keep this in mind especially when installing modules or loading ammunition boxes.

Matching can still be a little confusing, that is why we've also made the following things for you to type:
my.itemname: This will match to the first thing that matches to itemname that you own. For example, match my.scanner, or match my.2.scanner
gr.itemname: This will match to the first thing that matches to itemname that is on the ground. For example: match gr.scanner. match gr.2.scanner.
pl.itemname: This will match to the first player who matches to what you entered.
la.itemname: This matches to the last item.
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