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general help: The Ryuchi Race

The Ryuchi have perhaps the saddest history and perhaps the most surprising outcome.
The ryuchi are half dragon, half human. They stand 6 to 8 or so feet high and, like their dragon ancestors, are completely covered in scales.
The ryuchi were at first not approved by the dragon race and so had to be sheltered by humans.
One interesting factor that was noted about the Ryuchi was that, in fact, they had lost the wings of the dragon, but gained the war ready part of the humans.
They became the most feared war machines throughout the galaxies and were indeed the fearcest fighters.
In todays society, they have mellowed a bit, though are still deadly in combat.
When the dragons declared them outlaws, they chose the planet Goscro Krah for their homeworld and began to make there own culture.
It seemed to be going well for them and they managed to settle, begin research, and build.
It was not to last, however, and soon the Ryuchi split into two factions: that of the Shalka, a dragon hating brood, and that of the true Ryuchi. The true Ryuchi had the upper hand from the beginning, and began to drive their counterparts from the planet.
the Shalka fled to Navu, where they began to cripple the dragons. It was not long until the races combined to repel the Shalka, however, and the True Ryuchi were accepted. Even so, the Shalka still run wild today and are feared by the dragons.
The Ryuchi live on however, war driven as ever.
Based on this, the Ryuchi are very advanced in combat skills and combat ships. They're not the best miners though.
Race Specifics:
Home Planet: Goscro Krah, Sector 19
Capital City: Montu.
Open to the Piloting community? No
Height: between 6 to 8 feet
Hands: 0
paws: 2, 2 forepaws
Feet: 2
Shape: humanoid with scales and a tail
wings: 0
Life expectancy: 300 to 500 years
mating rituals: The ryuchi races mating rituals will vary from creature to creature. If they mate with each other, more often than not they mate for life. If a human and a Ryuchi mate, they more often than not mate more than once.
Please consider this roleplay carefully before roleplaying a ryuchi. While not as rigid as dragons, ryuchi are still not human or mutariansi, and take mating, and therefore any kind of dating or intimate interactions, very seriously especially with their own kind.
Reproduction system: Ryuchi, like their dragon ancestors, lay egs. Ryuchi are able to lay eggs once a month, however, they only lay fertile eggs once every two months. Ryuchi require a male and a female for a fertile egg. The act of conception can either be draconic or human. Ryuchi eggs take 6 months to hatch. Ryuchi can only ever give birth to other ryuchi, though a female human and a male ryuchi would produce a human, born in the traditional human fassion.
Unique abilities:
trans: toggle your translater voice
rend: slash a deep wound in your enemy
snd: slice and dice up your foe!
Claws: claw your enemies. Command is claw .
Brawl: brawl with your enemies.
Bodyslam: use your considerable might to slam your enemy to the ground. The command is bodyslam
Bodysmash: Pick someone up, and smash them against a wall. The command is, as you might guess, bodysmash .
scream-type: set an option for your scream type
protect: protects a friend from being harmed. Command is protect
Note: Ryuchi Can not use laser weapons due to their claws.
Sonic scream: Stun your enemies with a piercing scream and do some damage. Command is ss or sonic-scream
Phase: Drop a coder using your translator with code-d*rop at any place you'd like, then teleport over. Command is phase or phase . In case if you'd like to remove a coder, the command is code-r*emove.
When roleplaying this race, you should keep in mind that Ryuchi are extremely war driven. If you can not roleplay a war driven, militarised race, you can not roleplay a Ryuchi.
Unless set out otherwise in the policies or in the above file, a person can not be banned for incorrectly roleplaying a race. Nine times out of ten, the hosts will attempt to coach you onto the correct path.
Recommended help files: rphelp Rules of roleplay
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