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general help: Merchant Ships

So what is all this flight control spam about merchant ships, research transporters and all that?
Those are what are known as merchant ships in Cosmic Rage. Merchant ships are a way for players to be transported to different planets without the use of a starship. It costs 200 credits to ride on a merchant ship.
How do I find one of these ships?
If you go to a landing platform and type merchants, you will see if a merchant ship stops there. If this is the case, you will also see where it goes and where it is currently located. Sometimes, like on Maraquda, more than one merchant ship will stop there.
Are they always called merchant ships?
Certainly not. Only one is called merchant ship. There are others, like research transportation.
how do I use these ships then?
First, you must find where one stops.
When it arrives, type board as normal.
Once you are inside, you must simply wait.
Commands for inside the ship:
eta: check how long until launch or check how long until landing.
Dest: check where the ship is going.
exit: leave the ship.
menu: bring up a list of available foods.
buy : buy an item from the menu.
Why would I use these?
You would use them if you do not have a starship or you were feeling lazy.
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