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factory help: taxes

Factory taxes are a dayly amount of money you pay to the SDF for renting the area of space they have designated to you in the sector you have chosen, and also the money you pay for certain resources, like water and garbage collection, that the sdf give and dispose of for you.
Taxes are paid directly out of your account, unless the factory has received donations, in which case they come out of that first.
If you can not pay your taxes, you will be sent a warning notice.
After three tax warnings, your factory is put up for sale and sold to someone else or disposed of.
If you are going away from the game for a while, you can put your factory up for mortgage.
In mortgaging, the taxes of your factory are stored up.
It costs 1 billion credits to mortgage your factory.
If, for example, you mortgaged it for a week, after that week was up and you typed mortgage, you would need to pay 7 times the amount of taxes per day for your factory to be unmortgaged.
Nearly all functions are not accessible while the factory is mortgaged.
To view how much your taxes are for your factory, type tax in the control deck. Tax is room dependant so the more rooms of higher type you have, the more expensive it is.
To mortgage or unmortgage your factory, type mortgage from within the command deck.
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