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factory help: storage bays

Usage: For storing minerals.
Default: Set this bay as the default one for resources to be drawn from.
summarize: Bring up a summary of all resources in the cargo hold.

Consult: Compare blueprint data to the stored resources
Sweep: Sweep your factory's rooms for scraps, metal panels, plastics, wood, bricks and barrels of liquid and return them to the storage bay.
Gather: Gather some minerals into a sack
gather-all: Gather a specific amount of all minerals into a sack.
To transfer minerals to the storage bay, you will need a refinery.
You can also type open-all, to open all cargo barrels, and combine all mineral sacks, in the area. For more details on this, please see fHelp mineral refineries.
load: this will load minerals from your storage bay onto a cargo tank stored in your hangar.
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