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factory help: factory hauling

If you just got a brand new factory or if you want to move your factory from where it is, this is the method you will use.
You will need:
1. A factory hauler.
2. A factory, new or otherwise.
3. A sector to put your factory in.

If you are buying a brand new factory, you will do the following:
1. Go to either Star Command or Astraeus and find the factory docks.
2. Insuring your factory hauler is docked to the station, type REQUEST. This will link a factory starter kit to your hauler after you've put in a name and description.
3. Plan to the sector you want to place your new acquisition in and move to the coordinates where you wish it to be using speed 40 since it will detach from your ship at warp speed.
4. When you arrive, dock to your new factory and type ANCHOR in your control room.
5. If your factory charge is low, type SOLAR to begin charging and then POWER to toggle its power status.
6. If you wish to move your factory or it isn't following you after you initially request it, dock your factory hauler to your factory and type UNANCHOR and repeat steps 3 and 4.

Things to note about factory placement:
1. You may face IC consequences for placing a factory in sector one since it is not allowed.
2. Fields get recycled along with any factories in them, so avoid placing them there.
3. Unclaimed deep space sectors recycle as well.

Important commands:
ANCHOR: From a factory's control room, Detaches it from your hauler and stabilizes it.
request: From a factory dock, requests a factory starter kit and allows you to name and describe your new factory.
UNANCHOR: From your factory control room, readies the factory to be hauled once more.

Recommended help files: Shelp Finding and moving to objects,Fhelp Command Dec.
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