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factory help: command deck

Usage: For controlling key elements of your factory.
power: Turn your factory on/off.
solar: Begin to recharge your factory with solar power.
charge: Check your factories charge.
anchor: anchor your factory, used when choosing a location for your factory.
tasks: See what tasks are running in the factory.
Estimate: estimate the tax of your factory
rooms: see how many rooms you have used
Docked: See what ships are docked at your access tubes.
toggle: toggle public access to your factory.
damage: check the damage of your factory
repair: start your factory repairing
fdescribe: redescribe the outside of your factory
frename; rename your factory
systems: access certain security and tolling systems for your factory
log: access the factory log
Mortgage: Put your factory up for mortgage.
unmortgage: Unmortgage the factory.
Account: Access the factory's cash account.
Inspect: Allows factory owners to review factory room descriptions before requesting a factory inspection.
submit-factory: submit your factory for a new rank, see help factory ranks
submit-tv: Submit a personalized television ad which will advertise your factory as a television commercial. See fhelp factory television commercials for more information.
task-reset: reset your tasks
unanchor: unanchor your factory, giving you the option to attach it to any ship docked in any of your access tubes.
safety: see who is in your factory
autodestruct: destruct your factory
destruct-abort: Abort the automatic destruct system.
doors: open/close/lock/unlock doors in your factory remotely.
Greetings: Set a custom greeting for a player when they approach the factory in their ship
deport: Send unwelcome visitors to the access tube of your choice.
outerdesc: See what your factory looks like without having to go outside and scan it
fcom: send a factory communication to a different factory
coders: See what Ryuchi have translator coders on your factory and where they go to.
date: See what the date is.
taxitube: Set which access tube you would like taxi's to dock to.
set-mail: Set up whether you would like to receive automated mails from your factory and if so, how often.
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