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factory help: building labs

Usage: For constructing things with blueprints.
construct: Build something.
bt: Check how long until a construction completes.
block: Set a passscode for an item that must be entered before it can be built. also use this command to remove a passcode.
Link: Link the lab with a storage bay.
When building your items, you can use substitutions in the item's name. these substitutions are listed below:
%c: The colour of the item.
%t: the type of the item.
%s: The second type of the item.
%n: the name of the item.
%n must be included in both the name of the item and the description of the item.
Here is an example:
a %t %c %n %s = A large blue jug with a greyy handle.
In this example the type is large, the colour is blue, the name is jug and the second type is with a large grey handle.
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