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factory help: Player Run Debris Storage

Here on Cosmic Rage we love the idea of a player run Economy system.
The first step that we took towards this was our debris transfer centers.
These handy little centers are built onto the side of factories and enable the following:
1. In refineries you need debris to make resources, therefore using these, you can pay players to salvage debris for you, transferring it at your center.
2. Completely customizable:
1. You choose how much one unit of debris is worth at your factory.
2. You enter the custom thank you message.
3. you get the debris yourself.
1. When a player transfers debris, they get paid money. You are the one automatically paying them said money.
2. They must use the unload command, not transfer, see the commands listing.
How to build:
1. Go to a refinery.
2. Type construct.
They are like normal factory rooms in they can be custom described, renamed, and all that fun stuff.
Requirements: 20 drones and 140 bricks.
To transfer debris:
1. Land on the factory.
2. unload the ship.

As of 2492, the Galactic Senate begun to impose tariffs on Debris Transfers. these tariffs can either be placed on the debris or on cash.
the table below shows the tariff rates:
Cost of sales per unit of debris, charge taken by the senate:
between 1000000 and 10000000 credits: 5.0
between 10000000 and 100000000 credits: 10.0
between 100000000 and 1000000000 credits: 15.0
between 1000000000 and 10000000000 credits: 20.0
between 10000000000 and 100000000000 credits: 25.0
above 100000000000 credits: 30.0
If you have set your mode to be debris, the percentage shown above will be taken out of the debris you receive.
If you have chosen cash, it will be an extra fee you pay on top.
set-mode: Set which tariff mode you would like. This can be changed at any time.
land: from a starship, will land on the factory.
launch: launch the ship from the debris storage
Unload : from the debris center, will unload the ship chosen. You must be outside the ship.
construct: From a refinery, will construct your center.
Setup: sets up your storage facility.

Note: the following substitutions can be used in the thank you message:
%n: the player
%this: the debris transfer point
%D: the factory
Rank: 200.
Skills: None
Race advantages: none.
Recommended help files: fhelp factory buildin.
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