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factory help: Life Support Centers

Life Support Center


Usage: To help larger factories and up maintain excellent air quality.
A factory ranked Large factory or higher.
An oxygen compression chamber.
A gas compression chamber.
Barrels of liquid, either in a storage bay or the life support room itself.

Factories have become a staple of modern life. As more and more people migrate to factories, the factories too expand and grow to meet the creative needs of their owners and populous. Simulated oceans, forests, mountaintops and farmlands have all become commonplace on these spacefaring installations. Sadly, this produced an unforeseen situation. The life support systems on the basic factory frames soon proved to be inadequate to the task of keeping citizens alive and healthy aboard these modernized factories. Cases of hypoxia, oxygen deprivation and even death have increased over the passed several months as the basic life support systems struggle to keep up with the ever increasing demand. In May of 2493, The Galactic Senate passed a resolution that factory owners take a more active stance in the air quality of the installations they govern. To that end, Stargate Productions has introduced an enhanced Life Support Center for factories ranked Large and higher.

Status, displays all rooms with less than perfect air quality.
Elec*trolysis, Uses barrels of liquid to break down into hydrogen and oxygen. If you have a gas compression chamber, your gas tanks will be teleported there after electrolysis. You will need to then use your gas and oxygen compression chambers to clean the oxygen.
Scrub, Removes carbon dioxide from the air and replaces it with clean air from your oxygen compression chamber. If you have a gas compression chamber, the carbon dioxide tanks will be transported there after scrubbing.
Gas, See what gas tanks are stored in the life support room. Note, if your factory has a gas compression chamber, your tanks will be transported there after electrolysis or scrubbing.


Important note: Factory locations designated as "Outside" or "outdoor" require higher levels of fresh oxygen to maintain the simulated external environment.
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