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This spacious room is full of control terminals, display screens and status readouts, each one providing information to the ship. Two walls of the room are dominated by extremely large display screens with data continually running on it providing a realtime updating stream of information on the ship. The third wall, to your left as you enter, is covered by maps displaying star systems, enemy positions and other such things relating to navigation and combat. Several consoles sit around the room with chairs in front of them allowing for multiple pilots. Each console has a fingerprint activation scanner preventing the ship from being stolen. One particularly large console that you notice is flashing with multiple different readouts and is more heavily monitored. This must be the captains console judging by the very stylish chair in front of it. The floor, or that you can see below all the chairs and consoles, is made up of plates with star systems engraved upon them. The ceiling is a projected image of old space, showing the old solar system that humans originally came from. Occasionally a member of high importance will enter the bridge through the sliding double doors.
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