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crafting help: quilt making

Quilt making, while not quite as customisable as other crafting activities, is still one that will have you working hard an enjoying yourself.
End result: a quilt with customisable description that can be hung from either the wall, or spread on an item of furniture in one of 5 different ways
You will need:
a biodome
some lambs
lots of lamb feed
a shearing tool
some bricks.
What to do:
1. First, you will need a shed. To build this you will need a biodome. Type construct when there to build the shed. sheds cost 30 bricks to make. The bricks must be in the biodome.
2. Buy some lambs. Lambs, like cows, are sold by a farmer. they are sold by Jaelyn on Merchant ship gamma 5.
3. Take your lamb to your biodome and show it to the shed with the show lamb command.
4. Buy some feed and type use feed while in the biodome. This will store the feed for when the lamb gets hungry.
5. Every 24 hours, the lambs, and/or sheep, will be fed. When this happens, any current lambs are turned into sheep because they've matured. When your lambs have matured, type shear in your biodome, you will need your tool for this. Sheep can be sheared once per 24 hours.
6. Combine the wool together with the combine command until you have at least 3 together. You can look at a piece of wool to see how many it is combined with.
7. Type finish to finish making the quilt.
8. Type redescribe quilt if you wish to give it a different description to the default one.
Be sure you have enough food in your biodome at all times.
When it comes to feeding time, if you do not have enough food, then the left over lamb or sheep will just die.
Lambs take 1 food per day to feed, while sheep take 2 feed.
show lamb: when in a biodome, shows your lamb his or her shed
construct: when in a biodome, constructs the shed
use feed: when in a biodome, drops the feed into the shed for the animals
shear: shears the sheep
sheep: checks how many sheep and lambs you have, while also displaying the amount of food you have.
combine wool with wool2: combines two pieces of wool together
finish wool: finishes a quilt
hang quilt: hangs a quilt on a wall
redescribe quilt: redescribes a quilt. The quilt must not be on the wall when you redescribe it.
spread quilt on : spreads the quilt out on something.
note: To look at your quilt after it is hung, type l quilt on wall.
Rank: 200
Skills: none
Race advantages: none
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