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crafting help: houses

As you progress in the game you may find yourself wanting something a little more higher class than just a standard dwelling or hut.
As your pilot life progresses you may want to create yourself a private space to kick back and relax.
Houses are just that and more.
There are two stages to house building:
Stage 1: Foundations:
Scattered around the galaxy are several planets which allow pilots to buy land. this can be for various reasons, from population boosts, to the government wanting more money, to publicity.
You will be looking for a room which, either in the name or description, references selling land plots.
From here you will be able to buy your plot of land. You can have one per planet.
To build the foundations of your house you will need to hire some trucks of which there are four types:
1. Digger: This truck will dig the hole that your foundations will be laid into. they can only hold a certain amount of soil though and so you will also need...
2. Transporter: This truck simply takes cargo from the diggers and transports it away.
3. Mixer. After your diggers are done, you will want to hire some mixers to lay the cement and actual foundations.
4. Constructor: This is the last truck you will hire and it is the one that actually builds the first part of your house.
To hire trucks, go to where you bought the land plot and type hire.
You will also need 250,000 bricks in your plot of land which the constructor will use to build your house.
Stage 2: Building.
Once the frame of your house and the foundations are both finished you can then begin your house building process.
first of all you'll want to buy a building drone and install it so that you have help with your house.
This is done through a series of very easy to remember commands.
1. To build a new room, simply type construct and then a direction. This will walk you through choosing a name, choosing a description and also what type of room you can have.
2. To edit anything about the room, be it the title, description, whether it is outside, and so on, simply type edit.
3. To choose a path for your house, type set-path in any room. The path defines what your house is called. If you wanted, for instance, to be the owner of a sprawling castle, or a palace, you should use this command and set it to luxury. If you're happy with the standard ones, leave it as is. You can also donate rp points to get a custom house type, rather than using the paths.
Building and editing are not the only things you can do though and by looking around shops you will notice a number of items you can purchase to spice up your houses interior, from windows to curtains, doors to doorbells.
You can add ambient messages to your house rooms with the ambient command.
Notes on costs:
A new room costs 10,000 bricks to build. You can drop the bricks anywhere in the house and when you build a new room the building drone will bring it to your location.
Changing a room type costs only 2000 bricks and is done from within the edit menu.
Your plots of land will not be open to the public, though you can give anyone you like access and change the authorisation messages through the auth command on your house's plot.
There is no skill or rank requirement for houses, though due to the high resource requirement we recommend you wait a little while before trying.
Recommended help files: help resources,chelp house rank.
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