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crafting help: furniture creation

Not quite one of our biggest crafting possibilities, but still great fun, furniture creation is just one of many ways for you to make the factory of your dreams.
You will need:
10 pieces of wood.
*** Important ***
You need wood, not firewood!
What to do:
1. Go to a gas giant, either jupiter, saturn, uranus or neptune.
2. Go east from the landing pad.
3. Type create.
4. Enter a name and description for your item of furniture, and then answer the prompts.
5. Wait a little while the machine makes your order!
you can also, if needed use wood that you've collected on your resource trolley to aid you in making furniture!
Finally, you can create furniture on your factory, if you build a furniture creation lab.
Result: an item of furniture that you have completely customised yourself.
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