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crafting help: crafting custom weapons

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One of the cool things about owning an Industrial plant is the opportunity to make your own custom weapons to use in ground combat. So if you ever wanted a futuristic gun or an ancient battle ax, now is your chance.
What you will need:
An industrial plant with all of the basic room extensions. *See Help Industrial Plants for more information. Once you have your plant set up, *See help uncharted and Help Industrial plants, you will need some dark matter *see Help Dark matter mining, some metal-strips and some salinarum in the cargo hold of your industrial plant.
What you need to do:
1.Go to the Production room on your industrial plant and type construct.
2.From the prompt, choose the option: A hand weapon frame
Assuming you have enough resources available, the drones on your industrial plant shall begin construction of a hand weapon frame. If not, you will need to gather the required resources.
3.After the drones have constructed your frame, pick it up and carry it to the construction lab on your plant. With the frame in your inventory, type weapon. You will be presented with a list of options for modifying your new weapon. Using the choices presented, you can fill up to a total of 5 slots on your frame.
4.After each selection, you will be presented with the option to finish the weapon. Only do so when your five slots have been filled or you are sure you are satisfied with the weapon. Once you finish the weapon, you cannot go back and change it.
5.Next you will be asked to enter a name for the weapon. This is what you and other players will see when you are using or wielding your weapon. This is your chance to be creative, but please be tasteful in naming your weapons. Offensive names such as cock cannons or anything like this are not allowed and may get you in trouble if you are caught. So please use your common sense and keep our policies in mind when naming a weapon.
6.Finally, you are asked to enter the item's description. Enter your awesome new description here, one line at a time. To finish entering the description, use a (.) period symbol on a line by itself. Now watch in amazement as your drones craft the weapon of your dreams!
Edit: Change a weapon design you are unsatisfied with.
Important note about custom weapons, it is not possible to duel wield weapons made on Industrial plants.
There is no Rank requirement to use a weapon made from an industrial plant, but you need to be at least Rank 900 to own and operate an industrial plant.
Skills: None, though the exploration skill is recommended
Recommended help files: help industrial plants,ahelp dark matter minin.
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