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crafting help: Low-rank Crafting

On Cosmic Rage, we have two different types of crafting. Higher Rank crafting is using resources to build a factory and later a ship, as well as other items (see chelp higher Rank crafting). That comes at Rank 200-240. Lower Rank crafting, however, comes at Rank 1 and is very easy to do.

What you can craft:
A hat.
A cloak.
A wrist guard.
A pair of gloves.
A set of paw guards.
A ring.
A pair of pants.
A pair of boots.
A belt.
A full body warmer.
A tail warmer.
A wing guard.
A necklace.
Note: These are items of clothing. not armor.

You will need:
A knife.
A spear.
Hunting Rank of 1 or higher.
Some firewood.

What to do:
1. Slay a beast as you would normally (see ahelp hunting).
2. Type strip with knife in the same room as the corpse to get its pelt.
3. Drop the wood in a suitable location[not in a hunting area and not in a ship].
4. Set light to it, either by breathing fire on it if you are a dragon, or Setting light to it with a lighter. The command to light the fire is light .
5. Type dry to begin drying the pelt.
The dry command will walk you through the steps of making your pelt into one of the items above.

Full command list:
strip with knife: Strip the corpse of its pelt.
light : Set light to a piece of firewood.

Rank: 1
Skills: You must have Rank 1 or higher in the hunting skill.
Race advantages: none

Recommended help files: help resource.
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