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crafting help: Hut Building

Hut building is the opportunity for players to build their very own custom dwelling at a very low Rank.
Huts are probably the first dwelling you'll ever want to make, as they're completely free and they can be demolished when you no longer need them.
You will need:
An axe
a toolbox, inside which you must first put a hammer
What to do:
1. Find a tree and cut it down. trees can be found in forested areas of planets, but not hunting areas.
2. Combine two pieces of wood to make a basic design:
note: do not do this in a landing pad or coordinate area.
3. Chop down more wood.
4. Store the wood in your hut, occasionally hammering to make it the next stage of hut building.
5. When you have got to stage 5, your hut is complete!
Chop : chop down a tree
combine with 2.wood: Combine two pieces of wood into the basic frame for the hut.
Gather wood: Gather wood from outside rooms.
store in : Store wood in your hut so you can build it by hammering.
hammer with : hammer at your hut
After your hut is complete you can:
enter : enter your hut
open/close : open/close your hut
demolish hut: destroys your hut.
torch : torch your hut
while in your hut:
describe: redescribe the room
rename: rename the room
door: redesign your door
open/close: open/close your hut
Build: For every stage above a small hut, you can build one extra room off of your main one for free, see the table below. You can also use the build command to remove unwanted rooms.
@room-o: Access room linking and unlinking options.
room-extras: Access room customisations that cost rp points.
exit: leave your hut
position : Change how your hut appears in the room. use %n for the hut's name. so for example: %n sits under the trees would produce: A small hut sits under the trees.
Stages of hut building:
Start. A few sticks. Rooms: 0. Skill required: no.
1. A pile of logs. Rooms: 0. Skill required: no.
2. A kind of shelter. Rooms: 0. Skill required: no.
3. A half of a hut. Rooms: 0. Skill required: no.
4. A nearly complete hut. Rooms: 0. Skill required: no.
5. A wooden hut. Rooms: 1. Skill required: No.
6. Still a hut.
7. A wooden shack. Rooms: 2. Skill required: building level 7.
8. Still a shack.
9. a log cabin. Rooms: 3. Skill required: building level 9.
10. a wooden lodge. Rooms: 4. Skill required: building level 10.
Rank: 1
skills: building
race advantages: none
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