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crafting help: Helper drones

Helper drones

What are helper drones?
Helper drones are a marvelous invention which can be crafted on Industrial plants. They have a wide variety of uses and can make a pilot's life much easier. With the added bonus of a remote control, your helper drone gives you the power to be in 2 places at once.

What you will need:
an industrial plant
Enough dark matter, metal scraps and salinarum in the cargo bay of your industrial plant to build the helper drone and a remote control for the helper drone.

What to do:
Provided you have all of the resources required, all you have to do is go to the production room on your industrial plant and type construct. Choose the option for a helper drone and watch as the industrial plant begins to make your helper drone. You may also choose to make the remote control in the same manner as above, only choose the option for the remote after typing construct.
How do I control my helper drone?
You can issue commands to your helper drone directly, or by using the remote control. The remote control is optional, but to get the most out of your drone, it is a great idea to craft one. Without a remote control, you will need to be at the same location as your helper drone to use it.
Whether you use the remote or the drone directly, the options are much the same. The commands are, Use or use
You will be presented with a list of commands you can use to interact with your drone.
[1] Repair -Repair the drone if it is damaged.
[2] follow -Select this option to make your drone follow you. You must be in the same location as the drone to use this option.
[3] unfollow- Order your drone to stop following you.
[4] Toggle watching- Activate or deactivate the camera on your drone.
[5] get something- Make your drone pick something up.
[6] drop something- Make your drone drop something.
[7] go somewhere- Order your drone to go to a location or go through an exit.
[8] come here- Make your drone come to you. You must be in the same area as your drone to use this option. For example, both you and your drone must be on the same ship, planet or factory for this to work.
[9]Look around- Make your drone look around and report back on what it sees.
[10] Check my skills -See the skill list, the drone's current level in that skill and the max that skill can be trained to. Note: Your helper drone may nott need to train all of the skills listed.
[11] send a command- Choose this option and follow the prompt to issue a special command to your drone. An example of a special command would be, If your drone is in a teleporter room and you would like it to go to earth, You would Use remote, choose option 11, then enter teleport earth into the prompt.

Additional commands:
for the helper drone,
Drone " Speak on the drone channel.
Name : Give your helper drone a cute little name to make it unique.
Use : Brings up the prompt to command the drone.
Worn : See what your drone is wearing.
pay to " Give your drone some cash.
note: Your helper drone must have an info computer in order to receive any money.

For the remote control:
Link with " Link the remote to your drone.
Use remote: Remotely control your drone.

Note: If you misplace your helper drone, you may purchase a tracker to help you find it again. Use the shopping network to find a store that sells them.
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