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crafting help: Crafting on an industrial plant

Crafting on an industrial plant

Crafting on industrial plants is easy. All you need is an industrial plant with all of the room extensions. *see help industrial plants, some dark matter, *ahelp dark matter, some Cosmium and salinarum in the cargo hold of the plant.
Salinarum, as you are no doubt wondering, is a recent discovery in the field of science. It is a compound made from the elements found in bricks that forms an oddly thin layer of coating on an object. Salinarum is usually used much as an alloy would be and is to toughen up a product and make it harder to break.
Cosmium, is a type of highly-dense metal that is formed by bombarding smaller molecules of metal with lasers until they liquify and rebond into a stronger bond.

What you need to do:
Go to your plant's production room and type Construct. You will be presented with a list of all the possible items which are craftable. If you have enough of the required resources in your cargo hold, your drones will begin construction of the item you request.
Some items may require more work, such as hand weapons frames, please see help custom weapons for more info on this.
Below is a list of items currently craftable from industrial plants:
[1] A solar cannon installation module
[2] A large weapon charge booster
[3] A hand weapon frame
[4] A Rank 1 solar cannon damage upgrade module
[5] A Rank 2 solar cannon damage module
[6] A remote control for a helper drone
[7] A helper drone
[8] A ship refinery module
[9] A deep space repair room module
[10] A metal processing unit
[11] A crystal refiner
[12] Moon Base
[13] Phasing network broadcaster
14. basic quantum refinery module
15. advanced quantum refinery module
16. trash collection drone deployment station.
Note, unlike other weapons, weapons made as described above can be wieldable by any race.

Conversion rates:
Cosmium: Metal Cosmium:strips, 1:1
Salinarum: bricks:Salinarum, 100:1
Rank, 900
Skills, none, although skill in exploration is recommended

Recommended help files: help industrial plants,ahelp dark matter mining,help uncharted space,chelp custom weapon.
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