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crafting help: Armour Making

Since the dawn of time, it is assumed, or at least since man learned how to pick up a club and bash his next door neighbour over the head with it, making armour has been a necessary and sometimes even honourable craft.
making your own armour is an activity in which the more effort you put in, the more result you will get out.
Only those who put in a lot of work will have the best armour on the game.
first things first, you will want to head over to Eexei Othairus. This is where you will do most of the work.
Northwest of the landing pad is the forge.
In this room you can type list, to list available armour moulds.
Type list then a number to see the required resources for this piece. Armour generally requires 4 types of resource:
1. Iron: See the section on mining below.
2. Malexanite: See the section on mining below.
3. wood: You obtain this by chopping down trees in the forests, not hunting areas, with an axe. You must store the wood in a toolbox which you can buy on Harmonia.
4: Animal pelts. You obtain these by hunting animals. See ahelp hunting.
Once you have all of the required armour for your desired piece, go back to the forge room and type forge followed by the number of the piece you wish to make.
You are now ready to start improvements:
Type start to start off your frame.
One member from each race can type apply to add a bonus in protection to your piece. How much they add is dependant on their armour making skill.
Dragons also require 20 dragon scales, Humans require 100 tritanium strips, Cy-larkan require at least 500 bioenergy, and Mutariansi require 1,000 bioplasma for this process, as those races use them in the application.
Pauagiwa and Ryuchi do not require anything.
To apply your protection to a piece, type apply .
When you have all of the races you want, simply type finish .
Armour pieces come with a default name and description, but you can change this when you finish it.
Note: There are wandering smithies on Salura, Navu, Goscro Krah, Mulrala and Calira Dura**9*1 who can help you with your armour, however, they can not go up to the highest skill level, and what is more, they are extremely expensive.
Further note: Crafting armour in pieces will yield more overall protection than pieces that include multiple slots, but it is up to you if you want to put in all that effort!
There are several mine sites on Eexei Othairus.
You will need a shovel to mine.
Head northeast from the landing pad to get to the train station. After a moment or two, a cart will arrive. Board this to be taken to each site.
Type mine in each room to dig up resources. You may be able to do this multiple times in each room!
To see how many resources you have, type resources.
for information on armor repairs, please see help armour.
Rank: any
Skills: armour making
Race Advantages: ryuchi have a +20 in this skill. Dragons have a +10 in this skill.
Recommended help files: help ground combat,help armour,ahelp huntin.
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