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clans help: unmapped space

What is unmapped space?
Unmapped space is a great void of space of which no allied force has charted yet.
It contains many, many enemies and enemy bases and is very dangerous, to say the least.
How do I get there?
First you'll need a jumpgate. See clhelp jumpgate.
Once your jumpgate is ready and powered up, type jumpgate from your ships control room.
How do I get back from unmapped space?
Simply type jump followed by a sector name.
what are enemy bases.
Enemy bases are very much like planet chunks. See ahelp planet chunks.
The only differences thus:
1. They are 5 rooms bigger
2. They are a base of one of the four enemy races, vacus, droid, embahi or baurgan.
Vacus are relatively easy to kill.
Droidic are a bit tougher.
Baurgan are very tanky but do not hit as hard as Embahi.
Embahi hit hard, are tanky, and you should just run, basically.
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