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clans help: the competition

The clan competition is a friendly way of getting involved with your clan and really being a part of it.
First, what is the competition?
Your clan must collect, through the week, as much debris as possible.
Every time a member of a clan uses the unload command on a debris transfer point on a clan factory, the amount of debris he or she unloads is added to a stat.
At the end of the week, the clan with the highest percentage of debris transfered in the week receives a refund on the taxes for the entire session. You heard me, a hole weeks free tax!
It's very simple to do, all you have to do is collect debris, and unload it!
To see how your clan is doing so far, you can type clc stats, to see where your clan ranks and how long until the end of the session.
Note: If a player who is not in your clan unloads debris at the transfer point, it is not added to your clans stats! It only counts if a member of the clan does it!
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