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clans help: jumpgates

What are jumpgates?
Jumpgates are a way of members of a clan jumping into unmapped space.
See clhelp unmapped space to find out what that is.
What do they require?
They require a jumpgate construction facility and 100,000 of metal, liquid plastic and minerals.
What do I do once one is constructed?
Once you have built your jumpgate, you must first dock to it and register it.
To do this, type register from the control room.
What do I do to get the jumpgate up and running?
You will first want to give your jumpgate some fuel. see below.
then you will want to take it out into uncharted.
To work, a jumpgate must either be between -6000 and -5990 or 5990 and 6000 on the x axis.
course : set a course
speed : set a speed, from 1 to 40
eta: check the ETA
coords: check the coordinates

How do I refuel my jumpgate?
1. Dock a starship to the jumpgate which has gas in it.
2. Type refuel from the control room of your jumpgate.

Other misc commands:
power: power on and off the jumpgate
Fuel: see how much fuel the jumpgate has
frename: rename the jumpgate
fdescribe: describe the jumpgate
describe: describe the control room
cost: set up a cost for using the jumpgate

Important Notes:
Jumpgates do not have an anchor, this means they will slowly drift up or down depending on their positioning on the z axis.
You can move your jumpgate back down to a safe z coordinate by using the course and speed commands.
IF a jumpgate reaches a z coordinate of 6000 or -6000, it will explode, violently.
Only authorized jumpgate owners can power off or on a jumpgate at any time. Whether or not you are an owner is tied to the factory the jumpgate was created from. Therefore, if you are not the primary owner or an authorized person on the factory, you will not be able to perform tasks on a jumpgate restricted to owners and authorized personnel.
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