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clans help: clan progression

As your clan progresses in the game, you may wish to have little tweaks added to it to make it unique and truly your own.
Here are a few rewards you can work towards:
*An application machine, for sending presidents and vice presidents apps: Requires the clan have at least 6 active members.
To get a clan application machine:
1. Go to the town hall on Diana.
2. If you're the president or vice president, type clan application. If not, watch in awe as the president or vice president does this.
3. Follow the prompts to create your clan application machine.

*a custom item for the clan[within reason] for them, and only them, to sell: Requires 10 active members, and at least one major rp impact.
Please note: This list may expand as people suggest things!
Final note: Active members does not include the president, or vice president, only normal, unranked, members.
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