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clans help: Space travelers

The Space Travelers clan was created on March 2492. The main purposes of our clan are: helping new pilots, joint exploration of the space, improvement of the welfare of the clan and its members. We are ready to give a hand to anyone who needs it. Our clan maintains neutrality in all clan wars, but when aggressive actions against any member of the clan occure, we will not remain idle. The main clan factory is Permian Industries, located in Sector 4 at coordinates 17, 17, 17.
If You would like to join our clan, You can access our clan application machine, located in the app center at Permian Industries. Remember to read (and accept) our standing set of rules, in order to proceed. We will be glad to have new members.
The rules of our clan are as follows:
1. Everything that is inside the clan must remain there. Members of the clan shouldn't disclose clan's information, in order to provide people who are not the members of the clan access to the clan goods and so on.
2. All issues with other clans should be resolved by the president and or the vice-president. Members of the clan should not, under any circumstances, intervene in interclan relations on their own, unless there is a private matter between a member and someone from another clan. In this case, if a matter is related to our clan directly, a member should speak with the president and or vice-president before attempting to solve the issue, if the matter is not related to our clan, a member may resolve the issue on their own, providing that the solution won't bring any kind of problems to our clan.
3. Harming any of the representatives of the Allied races, or representatives of the races, which did not directly declare hostile relations with the galactic community, is strictly prohibited. The causeless infliction of harming the Allies is the gravest violation of the rules of our clan, and will be severely punished. The punishment may be determined by the president and or vice-president, or by other clan members, either in a conference or by voting.
4. Members of the clan should not engage in any illegal activities. If a member of the clan was seen doing an illegal activity, such as smuggling, they will be punished. The punishment is determined by the president and or vice-president, or, depending on the situation, the punishment may be determined by the members of the clan, on the clan's conference and or voting.
5. The clan reserves the rights to either take, or get rid of, any clan's equipment obtained by a member within the clan, in case if the member either decides or forced to, leave the clan. It might be clothing made for a member by the clan, armour, weapons, ammo, any kind of resources provided by the clan which haven't been used yet.
The list of rules can be supplemented and or changed in the future. Clan reserves the rights for changing the rules, providing that the changes will be first discussed between leaders and members of the clan. By staying in the clan after any change made, you automaticly accept the current rules. If there is a reason you are not agree with the current rules, you should immediately leave the clan. You may contact the president and or vice-president at any time and tell them about your decision. Take into a count that before leaving the clan, you must return, or get rid of, of any clan's equipment you obtained while being in the clan. These are: clothing, armour, any kind of resources which you haven't used yet, weapons, ammo, any rooms owned by you on our clan's main factory. You also should remove your factory from the list of our clan's factories, in case if you own one, and previously added it to the list.
Clan symbols:
The motto of the clan. "Strength in Unity".
Coat of arms: In the center of the white panel is a research vessel. Above it is written the motto of the clan: "Strength in Unity".
Flag of the clan: There is a panel which is divided into 6 parts. In the center is a five-pointed star which's rays go to the images of five beings. In the green part of the panel there is an image of a human, in the Blue part of the panel there is a dragon's image, in the red part of the panel there is an image of a Ryuchi, in the gray part of the panel there is an image of a Cy-larkan, in the white part of the panel there is an image of the mutariansi. The remaining part of the panel contains an image of a research vessel, which hull is painted gold and silver, and the name of the clan is written on its nose.
Privileges available to the members of the clan:
A month after joining the clan, you can apply for your own office accommodation in the office wing of the clan's part of the factory "Permian industries". About all matters related to the offices, you may contact the president of the clan.
In 2 months after joining the clan, you have the right to request for your statue to be placed in the clan's hall of fame. If the person wishing to join the clan got any merits in the community, their statue can be placed in the hall of fame without waiting these 3 months. About all matters related to the statues, you may contact the president of the clan.
More privileges can be added in the future.
If you think our clan is the right place for you, if you accept the rules written above, our clan's doors are open, and we will be happy to have you as one of our members!
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