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clans help: Space Enterprises

Space enterprises are a relaxed clan.
We are here to help others in need and to be a friendly group. We only have a few rules in which these have to be followed to make the clan run smoothely and to keep our resources safe that clan members have been so kind to donate to us.
These resources can be used for any of our clan members but we do ask that if your a member and you use resources, please donate back to the clan. That's the first rule.
2. We ask that you not bring anyone who is not a member of our clan to our private areas of the clan. Those are only for clan members and if resources are being given to someone outside of the clan, other clan members would not be happy about it.
3. Respect others. This goes for the clan in whole. Don't do anything illegal that would cause the sdf to look down on our clan.
4. Do not give out the password you will be given should you decide to join our clan.
Anyone caught violating these rules will be promptly booted from the clan and banned from the clan factory.
We are a peaceful clan and we'd like to keep it that way.
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