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activity help: warp fuel drilling


It was in mid October, when out on a dig on a moon, that several explorers, accompanied by SDF Five-Star General Kayla Maryanne stumbled across a rather interesting sight.
The group was 5 strong and had been digging to see if in fact it would be possible to dig up and then lay down foundations on a moon for a moon base.
What they instead found, amongst large explosions, were warp crystals.
Using drilling equipment they already had, they managed to dig up some of the crystal.
they found that due to the moon being unstable, it was increasingly slow to perform this task, it happening at barely 10 units per 5 seconds, but it was free fuel!

You will need:

A ship with the warp drill upgrade
a moon

What to do:

1. Find a moon and tractor it.
2. Drill with the warp fuel drill.
3. Relax and grab a beer.


wfd: begin drilling
stop: stop drilling


Rank: 1100
Skills: highly licenced pilot
Race advantages: none
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