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activity help: volcano mining

Lava. One of natures most destructive ingredients.
In the days of old Earth, a volcano eruption meant the loss of many lives, and destruction on a massive scale.
Volcanoes are one of those things people label as awe-enspiring, or beautiful destruction.
They were, and continue to be, a great facination to everyone, even though we know everything there is to know about them.
Enspired by work done by Doctor Alice Giram, a young, brave soul named Natasha Crimson Scale decided to try and improve on the volcano harvester and create something that could go further down.
This very new activity came about in late 2491 when Natasha approached the Senate, proposing a design she had come up with for the Volcano Miner that would collect lava for study to determine if their were uses for it.
The senate agreed, under the understanding it would be licenced. Not wanting to go the same way as Doctor Alice Giram, the dragon firmly agreed, and so the activity was born.
** note **, this is a group activity! You will need at least 3, though it is recommended you have 4, people to do this activity.
You will need:
A Volcano miner,
3 to 4 people. by this, we mean, you, plus 2 or 3 friends.
What to do:
1. Take your crew and head over to a volcano. Drive into the mouth of it and go down until you reach the eruption chamber.
Note: The volcano can not be a dormant one!
2. Deploy your drilling equipment. Three people must now head into the drilling stations, one per station such that there is a person in the top room, a person in the middle room, and a person in the bottom room.
3. When ready, the person in the upper station should start the drill spinning. When he or she has done so, the middle person should make his or her drill turn, and when he or she has done that, the lower person should make his or her drill bit turn. It is important to note that each drill bit must be turned within 5 seconds of each other.
4. If the timing is correct, the drill will start up.
5. While the drill is active, separate jobs must be carried out:
5.A: for the people in the drilling stations, it is your job to ensure that your drill bit remains repaired. If your drill bit reaches 0 percent efficiency, the whole operation will stop.
5.b: In the control room, it is the drivers job to ensure that the lava that the drill extracts makes it to the cargo bay. To understand this, we will first explain the drilling process:
I: The drill drills into the volcano.
II: The drill finds some magma.
III: The drill moves aside, allowing storage pipes to scoop up the magma.
IV: The driver types extract, and the pipes tip the magma into the cargo bay, cooling it very quickly.
The extraction tubes can hold 30 units of lava before the whole thing explodes.
It is the job of the driver to ensure this never happens.
The driver also has another role, however.
The driver must keep an eye out for eruptions.
the main advantage that the Volcano Miner has over the volcano harvester is that it will be able to take a few direct hits from eruptions. It is the drivers job to ensure the vehicle remains repaired.
6. When the drill has filled the cargo bay, drive to a transfer point, much like in volcano harvesting, and transfer your goods. Everyone in the vehicle at the time of transfer, who has got the licence for the volcano mining will receive the reward.
Additional notes:
1. This vehicle does not fly.
2. You can not do vehicle building in a volcano miner
3. People can not enter the drill part of the vehicle until it is deployed.
Commands in a drilling station:
damage: view the damage of your station
spin: set your drill bit spinning
repair: repair 1 unit of damage
Commands from the main room:
cargo: view the cargo
transfer: transfer the goods
standard movement directions[north, east, south west, ETC]: drive the vehicle
deploy; deploy your drill
retract: retract your drill
extract: Move lava from the extraction tubes into the cargo bay
stop: stop the drill
Rank: 500
Skills: volcano mining licence
Race advantages: none
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