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activity help: starship rescuing


Space. A wonderful void of possibilities. full of the beautiful and often mind-blowing sights of stars, meteor showers and more. It is only natural then, that people want to capitalise on this and so it was that during the late 25th century[starting at 2484 and running to present day], cruise liners began to show up and offer to take passengers on trips into deep space.
These relaxing 4 week holidays promised everything from exciting views, to explorations onto planetoids and more.
The only problem? They don't always go quite right.
More and more these days, cruisers are coming under fire from enemy vessels, or dare we say it, pirates.
The cruisers often get bombarded by fire and sometimes wrecked. they do of course, have safety systems to keep people alive, should the worst happen, but they don't necessarily have the man power to keep up.
this is where you come in. for a small fee, cruiser companies will pay civilians to go and rescue a ship.
Often times the ships are a total loss, which is why they are taken to the scrap yard and simply recycled, but passengers being saved is most important.

You will need:

A set of gravity boots
a distress Radio
A multi-Rank stretcher
The rescue clamp upgrade

What to do:

1. Drop the distress radio in your control room, make sure it is turned on and distress beacons are unfiltered.
2. Wait for a distress beacon to come in.
3. Accept the beacon.
4. The given UC are often units either side, centralise the coordinates like this:
250 250 250
240 240 240.
Center=245 245 245.
5. Head out to the center universal coordinates.
6. Head to the coordinates in the sector.
7. Dock to the ship.
8. Take your stretcher around the ship, and rescue as many people as you can. ensure you are wearing your gravity boots before you do so.
9. Undock and clamp the ship.
10. Head to Mercury and release the ship.
11. Head to Galactic Medical Core and release the patients.

Full list of commands:

turn : turn on and off the beacons
distress : If you have the radio in your control room, you have access to the distress channel
l : Remind yourself where you're heading
accept : accept the current beacon
r-clamp grab: Grapple a ship
r-clamp release: release a ship
rescue : rescue a person
Unload allows you to get the stretcher off the ship.
signal : signal for nurses to come to take the injured patients. Must be done on the emergency landing pad of Medical Core.


Note 1: Distress beacons come every 15 minutes or so. You may want to do another activity while you wait.
Note 2: Mutariansi must be in ball of slime form for this activity, but do not require gravity boots.
Note 3: the ship you do this activity in must have a medical bay, for roleplay reasons.


Rank: 1400
Skills: none
Race Advantages: none
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