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activity help: star coring


The star core activity is split into several different mini activities you can do.
The process, and storyline, however is the same.
After the great disaster in 2430, people wondered what happened to the stars and planets that were lost.
small Planets and other similar sized objjects like pluto were known to have simply exploded outwards, but other places, like suddenly made extinct stars just seemed to have vanished off of the face of the universe.
It was not until, in 2478, a scientist named Pyra Dimfrola managed to pierce through the haze around our upper galaxies and see into the high-density star areas.
What he found there was that some stars, orbiting around each other, had stabilised and were now pulling in extinct cores, moons, asteroids and planetoids into themselves and using their raw materials to expand.
using the warp core, the scientist theorised that with the correct equipment you could go out and harvest from the cores or even try and look at them to see what they contain!
Arguments sprung up, however as to what they should be used for.
Some argued that we should try and make them into new stars.
Others argued that we should use the gas from them to recreate our gas giants.
While still others argued that we should just leave them be, and mind our own business.
Eventually it was brought to the SDF and the cenet.
Stars in your eyes, along with stargate productions and holotech INC had managed to put together electronic lasers and emitters which would, so they proposed, be able to catch one of these stars and manipulate it for their own use.
It was not until 2488 that this was put to the test, however, and even then people were so unsure.
In the end, in early 2491, the SDF decided to allow it as a source of income, their leader saying "remaking the gas giants is an interesting prospect."

You will need:

All of the upgrades from each of the gas giants.
Some upgrades, like the ones that scale, you only need to get the first to try the activity.
One or two skills, listed at the end.

What to do:

1. Upgrade your ship.
2. Go to a local sector and set your course to 0 0 6003 approximately, or type amu +
3. If your skill is trained, you will find yourself soon in a star sector. Star sectors are much like normal sectors, except that they contain star cores.
* Note: to get back in the beaconed sector, set your corse to 0 0 -6003 approximately, or type amu -
4. Scan for star cores by typing scan core.
5. move to within range of the star core and lock onto it.
6. Perform one of the following:
6.1: Split it into chunks for transfer at a normal planet or station, core split.
6.2: analyze it, core analyze. for this you are given a small piece of paper which you can unload at one of the two drop off points on Astraeus. The paper will then be analysed and, after a short period of time that ranges between 1 to 3 days, you will receive a mail that details your automatically given cash and point payout.
6.3: extract gas from it for transfer at one of the gas giants, core extract and core adjust.
6.4: harvest it for minerals, core harvest.
6.5: All of the above!
7. Reap the rewards!
By typing core cargo, you can see how much core related items you hold in your vessel.

Is your Core gear getting damaged too much?

There is a way to make it so that your core gear won't stop when it becomes damaged, instead the shock will be absorbed by shock absorbers.
To get shock absorbers on your ship you must use mechanical mining.
When you are mining and transfer limestone and boron, the scientists that work in the factory will combine them together and add a Stargate secret component.
This component is then melded into shock absorbers.
To put shock absorbers on your ship, land on Eexei Othairus and go to the factory complex.
Type apply to apply shock absorbers.
For every shock absorber you add, the ship will not stop when it is hit by the star core, meaning, if you had 5 shock absorbers, it would continue harvesting for 5 times.
Each time you get hit, you lose one shock absorber.
The number of shock absorbers is determined by the players. The more mechanical mining is done and the more boron and limestone transfered, the more shock absorbers will be available.


Star Core analysis contains two parts, active and passive.
passive scans you can simply begin and leave to run their course. they can take quite a while to complete, however, the reward for doing them is definitely worth it.
Active scans require a bit of input from you. For each scan (you can have up to 10 types), you will be asked to provide some input.
Your input is a number between 1 and 10 and you have exactly 3 guesses to get the input correct. If you do not get it correct, the scan will happen but the data will be useless.
The computer will attempt to guide you. If you see that the right side of the hologram is blurry, that means your target number is higher than that which you have supplied. If the left side is blurry, it's lower.
After core analysing you will get a piece of paper. Take this to the Star core data processing module on Astraeus. Once there type "DEPOSIT" to deposit your papers.


Core: use the core gear.
core left if the laser is to the right, and core right if the laser is to the left. And finally, core continue if the laser hits the core.
you can also type core l, core r, and core c for core left, core right and core continue, respectively.
Core Input : Use this in star analysis to input your number.
repair harv: repair the core gear from harvesting
adjust: when doing gas extraction, adjusts the angle of your tubes
unload: from a landing pad of a gas giant, unloads your starship of gas
transfer from your starship control room will transfer the chunks

------ Extra information: ---------

1. To repair your star gear after it has been damaged from extracting, you will need a star gear repair module. Simply power the ship down and install the module to make the repairs.
2. While your ship has a star core locked, your charge will decrease at a rate of a minute to a second.
3. if your ship runs out of charge, the core will rip away from your ship, taking your star gear with it.


Rank: 1100
Skills: star licence and core harvesting
Race advantages: dragons, loving minerals, have a+3 in the core harvesting skill, while larkans, who can gain licences quickly, already have the star licence skill at 1.
This activity also requires heat shields set pretty high. Good luck!
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