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activity help: radiation recovery


So much of the story of the universe is told in the form of radiation, it has, over the years, become one of the things scientists will do almost anything to get their hands on.
Sadly, it is a rather tricky mistress, indeed, it takes a lot to even get the most common of types and store them safely, let alone the rarest of types.
As the 25th century marched steadily on towards its conclusion however, one young upstart scientist, by the name of Greg Mcgrab, made a rather fantastic breakthrough.
It was not, as his fellow scientists were very fast to point out, a solution.
What it was however was a way for scientists to store radiation in small devices for long periods, allowing them to transport it back to labs.
Magnetics, it seems were the answer.
Who do you call upon if you need things from space that most sane people would not risk life and limb for?
Why, pilots, of course.

You will need:

A magnetic field stasis generator, purchaseable on research complex,
A friend,
A medical bay near by,
a remote unlocker,
a ship.
a spacesuit

What to do:

1. Make sure your remote unlocker is hooked up to your ship and your spacesuit outfitted with oxygen ready for going into space.
2. Buy the equipment and fly to where you wish to go. the further out of local space you go, the rarer the radiation types get. the more rare you find, the more reward you get!
3. When you are ready, you and your friend should step out of your ship and scan for the radiation.
4. Using your spacesuits, head over to the radiation.
5. Person 1 must go one unit to the left of the radiation, while person 2 must go to the right.
6. If you have not already, turn on your magnetic field generators. If you are correctly set up, they will make a connection.
7. Absorb the radiation into your field generator.
Note: When the command is typed, it is completely random who gets the radiation.

Watch out!

while you are doing this activity, it is a very real possibility you may contract radiation sickness! make sure and see a doctor immediately if you start feeling ill!


start : start your device
stop : stop your device
scan : scan for radiation
touch : start absorbing the radiation
look : see stats about your device.
Run the Magnet while in the control room of a ship to recharge it.
In a medical bay:
detoxify: Get rid of the radiation in your system
In the place you bought the devices from:
transfer: transfer the radiation.


Rank: 40 and up
Skills: None
race advantages: Mutariansi can type purge to get rid of all radiation from their system without having to visit a medical bay.
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