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activity help: prison plaques

What are prison plaques?
When in jail, life is, in a word, boring.
To try to help brighten up the place a bit, we've introduced what are called prison plaques.
Prison plaques are where a player makes a request, and a prisoner will make said request.
This request is a plaque that can either be:
1. Hung on a wall.
2. Bolted to the ground.
3. Attached to a starship.


To request a plaque:
1. Go to cape Dread.
2. go to the lobby.
3. Type request.


To make the plaque:
1. From your cell, type corridor.
2. go to the workshop and type request.
3. Type engrave and make the plaque.
You will be rewarded a small amount of cash and points for your effort.


To attach the plaque to your starship, simply type attach plaque to starship.
Rank: any
Skills: none
race advantages: n/a
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