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activity help: poker

The game of poker stretches back for many years, predating early Earth America.
Research shows that Texas Holdem, which is what the modern rendition is based off of, came about in the 17th to 18th century, if not slightly earlier.
A lot of our records from Old Earth have been lost, but that was what we confirmed.
The modern rendition of poker has been given many twists, and it may take you a few attempts to get it.
First, there are no numbers in the poker deck of cards. There are 60 cards, four of each kind, each of which have pictures on, shown below:
Card, stand alone point value:
starship, worth 1 point.
engine, worth 2 points.
Vacus, worth 3 points.
droid, worth 4 points.
Navu, worth 5 points.
earth, worth 6 points.
missile, worth 7 points.
Kayla, worth 8 points.
Morgana, worth 9 points.
Vulvgang, worth 10 points.
star, worth 11 points.
moon, worth 12 points.
Embahi, worth 13 points.
Kaltz, worth 14 points.
Shalka, worth 15 points.
The start of the game.
At the start of Poker, you buy in. This means setting an amount of chips in the center.
This is done automatically by your informational computer.
You are then dealt two cards.
You are the only person who knows what these cards are.
Then starts round one.
More on rounds in a bit.
After round 1 is complete, the dealer puts 5 cards on the table. this is called the flop.
Each card is revealed to every player, and round 2 takes place.
After round 2, a 6th card, the river, is placed down, and round 3 occurs.
Then the final card is placed, and the final round is played, before the winner collects his or her earnings.
In this help file, a round means where each player takes an action.
You can do one of the following actions:
Check: This means do nothing.
Bet: make a bet.
Call: if someone has made a bet, this makes your character toss in some chips to equal that bet.
Fold: Throw down your cards and leave the game.
After everyone has either checked, or the bet values are the same[everyone is betting the same], the round completes.
How to win:
The aim of the game is to be the player who is holding the highest combination of cards. To form a combination, you combine the cards on the table with the two in your hand.
Here are the combinations:
Nothing: The value is simply the total of your two cards.
Pair: A pair of two of the same cards.
Double Pair: A pair of cards of one type, and a pair of cards of another.
Full house: three of a kind of one type of card, and a pair of cards of a different type
Straight: An ascending value of cards, i.e, if you have cards that value 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, this is a straight. A straight must have 5 cards.
Galactic Flush: Starship, Engine, Missile, Star, Moon and Kayla
Planet high: Starship, Engine, Missile, Earth, Navu and Vulvgang
Three of a kind: Three cards of a single type
Four of a kind: four cards of a single type
Galactic Shaker: Kayla, Morgana, Embahi, Earth, Navu, and Vulvgang
This list is listed in order of lowest value to highest value.
If two people have the same combination, then point totals is taken into account.
You access all poker commands with the poker command, of which the options are shown below:
check: checks
call: calls
bet: Makes a bet
convert: Converts credits into chips
cards: Sees what cards you have
chips: Sees how many chips you have
chat: chat something
on: turn on poker
off: turn off poker
join: join a game
fold: folds from a game
who: Sees who is in the game, and listening to the poker channel.
You will need an informational computer for this game, as it is in character.
Chip type value:
bronze, 1000 chips, 500 credits
silver: 10000 chips, 5000 credits
gold: 20000 chips, 10000 credits
platinum: 100000 chips, 50000 credits
Please note: Each player has sixty seconds to take their turn. However, they are able to be kicked from the game for idling after 30 seconds.
recommended help files: ahelp cult
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