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activity help: planetary deliveries


Just as it was in the 21st century, space is an endless vastness that businesses seek to dominate.
There are trillions of credits to be made in several different ways, from building, to marketing, to more.
More often than not businesses struggle, however, when it comes to the smaller parts of running.
These include things like filing, filling out forms, and of course, deliveries.
If you are looking for a little cash, and a nice little load of points, often businesses are more than happy to splash out on you to carry out the tasks they've forgotten.
The activity itself is split into three parts, each one with difficulty Ranks.
The difficulty Ranks, obviously, define how hard it is to perform your task.
If you choose difficulty 1, or easy, you will not be attacked by anything, and are free to head over to your destination[s] and deliver your package. This difficulty Rank however gives the lowest reward.
Difficulty Rank 2, you have a medium chance of being attacked by someone seeking to steel the package from you.
Difficulty Rank 3, you can almost garantee, no matter where you go, someone wants that package, and no matter what, they're going to try and get it.
When you are attacked, they are more often than not smugglers, or criminals looking for free cash, you should feel absolutely no sorrow when you slay them like the mighty player you are.

You will need, for this reason, a weapon when doing this activity.

You may also need a starship, depending on what you choose to do.

How the activity works:

1. Head over to a delivery center.
Delivery centers are found on every planet, simply head to a landing pad and type delivery to enter them.
Remember: Space stations are not planets!
2. Type request. You will be presented with a menu:
1. Same planet delivery. Perhaps the easiest, this delivery system requires you to take a package to someone who is waiting in another room.
2. Different planet delivery, similar to the one above, accept the room is usually on another planet.
3. Multiple deliveries. this pays a lot more than the other two, especially on a difficulty Rank of hard, but is the longest. In this one, you must travel around, delivering packages to several different locations before you are done.
3. Once you have selected what you would like to do, you will be given your package.
If you are doing the first option, simply walk, ride or drive over to the room, and deliver your package by typing delivery package.
If you are doing either option 2 or 3, you will first need to head to the planet or space station using your starship.
You can use your informational computer to find out what sector a planet or space station is in.
Like in option 1, once you are on the planet or space station, simply ride, drive or walk into the required room and type deliver package.


1. Map is disabled during package delivery.
2. pods are disabled during package delivery.
3. If you die, you will lose your package.


request: in a delivery center, requests a package
return: In a delivery center, hands over your package and gives up the job with no reward. Useful if you have to log out!
delivery: from a landing pad, enters a delivery center
check : check where the package needs to be delivered too
deliver : deliver your package


Rank: 85
Skills: none
Race advantages: none
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