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activity help: malulial extraction


Stars are wonderful.
This is a fact.
They are also very violent.
As a result of the star disaster in 2430, scientists begun to notice something odd about larger stars.
They had begun to expel large amounts of matter in clusters that started, instantly, to compress in upon themselves.
These balls of matter were almost undetectable, until in 2460, a scientist called Thomas Malulial came up with a type of scanner that was able to pick up on the vapour trail left by them as they sped through space.
In 2475, the scientist got a permit to try to track down one and study it.
He still hasn't been successful.
That is why this activity was created.
You have been set the task of finding a Malulial and researching it to the best of your abilities.

You will need:

The Malulial gear upgrade

What to do:

1. Find a malulial on your screen.
2. Head to its universal coordinates.
3. Track it down and move to it.
4. lock onto it.
5. Begin to extract matter.
6. When prompted, counteract any waves.
7. Take your cargo back to a local port and transfer.
To counteract a wave:
While harvesting, you will hear the computer announce a wave between -5 and 5.
You must set it to 0.
So for example, if the computer announces a wave at 3, you must type malulial wave -3.
Note: While the ship is being dragged behind the malulial, it will take a lot of heat shield damage, ensure you have a lot of charge.


Note, You can also type "mal" instead of the word malulial. For example, mal stop
malulial scan: look for a malulial anywhere
malulial view: track down the malulial in the sector
malulial lock: lock onto a malulial
malulial unlock: unlock from a malulial
malulial wave : counteract a wave
malulial probe: start extracting matter
malulial stop: stop extracting matter.


Rank: 1200
Skills: malulial licence
Race Advantages: none
Recommended help files: help deep spac.
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