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activity help: laser tag


Laser tag is a fun time waster to play with a group of friends.
It's easy to understand, and easy to play.
You will need a total of 4 people to play, so that's you plus 3 friends. It can however be played with more than four.

How to play:

1. Head over to Valisianna and go to the laser tag room.
2. When all your friends are there, type start.
3. After ten seconds you will all be put into the arena.
The arena is a 7 by 7 grid.
4. Move about the arena through the exits, until you find someone in a room, or someone walks into your room.
5. Type tag . When you get tagged 3 times, you are out of the game!
6. the winner is the last man, woman or bioform, standing.
people who get knocked out of the game can watch the action from the starting room.


1. there is no exit in the arena, the only way to escape is shoot or be shot.
2. Once you have shot a person both you and the person are shifted into new, random, rooms.


start: start a game
tag : tag someone
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