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activity help: junior colonisation master training


Colonisation is the act of seeking out, and taking over, new planets or places. This, however, comes with a ton of paperwork.
A serious amount, in fact.
One part of this paperwork is pictures.
Scientists are obsessed with pictures of anything and everything. They can gaze into the eyes of an asteroid all day if you'll let them.
That is why, in 2491, the government set up a fund.
Anyone who owned an industrial plant would be rewarded if they took pictures of items in space.

You will need:

an industrial plant
the camera probe upgrades

What to do:

1. Get your upgrades.
2. Go and find an object in space. This can be anything, from an asteroid, to a dark matter mine. The only things you can not take pictures of are starships, or combat drones. You can take pictures of enemy starships, though.
3. Deploy your drones around the object. You must have a drone on the west, east, north, south, up, down and center coordinates for the object.
4. Move back to the central drone and Take your picture.
5. Recall your drones, and repeat process until you are fully happy with your picture taking skills.
6. Head over to an industrial plant, and transfer.
7. Thank the hosts for the activity!
Note: The more rare the object you find, the more reward you get!


ccp: The ccp command is the command you will use to access camera functions.
Valid subcommands, typed in the format of ccp are as follows:
probes: Find out how many probes you have.
deploy: deploy a drone at your current coordinates.
take: take a picture
transfer: transfer your pictures
recall: recall your drones


Rank: 1400
Skills: master voyeur
Race Advantages: none
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