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activity help: farming

Farming is something that goes back to the start of almost every civilisation. It gives yield to many crops and livestock which nearly every race at some point require to survive.
Farming forms a large backbone to the food industry and is a very important job to have, even in the modern 25th century.
For the most part, piloting is kept completely separate from farming, after all it's like getting an aircraft pilot to harvest crops, what's the point? He probably doesn't have time, let alone the know how.
For that reason if none other, the only place pilots are able to obtain land for farming is on Tarania. This may seem backwards at first after all, why put farms on a planet which rarely has any sun?
In that regard it is true, Tarania is not the ideal farming location but the simple matter of it is that farming is such an important industry, other planets are simply not interested in having pilots coming in, mucking it up. In Diana's history, for example, they have had a very rocky relationship with pilots and therefore do not trust them enough to even look at their farms, let alone own one.
Tarania on the other hand imports around 85 percent of all their food. It's not an ideal situation for their stability and should another disaster occur, the planet would be helpless. At this point in time therefore, their opinion is that it can't get much worse, so why not let pilots have a crack at it?
The details of the activity:
Farming is a cash only activity, you will gain no points from it.
You will need only a toolbox, which can be bought on Harmonia and an axe or some way to obtain wood.
The best way to obtain wood is to buy an axe, head to a forested room (not a hunting area), and chop down matured trees, then put the wood in your toolbox.
As stated above, farms can only be bought on Tarania in the new colonists office.
The details for this activity have actually been split up and written into a book for easier access and descriptions.
You will therefore also need this book, which is sold on, you guessed it, Tarania.
Simply buy a farm, read the book, and you're set!
A note on mechanics:
Your animals and plants will feed once every 24 hours. This will be done in a totality. So rather than one cow eating some food at 5 PM and another cow eating at 6 PM, both cows will eat at one time, every day, at the same time. This is simply for ease of coding and storage of data and should be ignored in character.
Rank; 150
Skills required: None.
Race advantages: None.
Recommended help files: ahelp list.
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