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activity help: dark matter mining

In the late 2440's, after people started colonising space once again, it was discovered that there was a strange glitch on our scanners. At first, scientists put this down to computer error. However, after lots of tests, it was found that these same glitches kept occuring over, and over again. Not knowing what to do, the scientists mearly ignored them.
In 2460, a scientist named Imha Olari invented a type of probe he named the d1 alpha alpha j5 cappa delta probe, but what everyone else called The Deep Space Probe. These deep space probes would seek out the glitches and investigate them. What they found staggered scientists. It appeared that a strange type of matter was floating, untapped, in uncharted space. These mines contained raw material which had no particular type, it was neither metal nor plastic, not fabric nor man made, it simply existed. It had no category, nor any atomic mass. This material swiftly became fondly known as dark matter, though others called it raw space material. The terms eventually became to mean the same thing. The senate saw great possibilities for this new material, and in 2470, they put their best scientists onto discovering a way to harvest it. This is how dark matter mining began.
You will need:
1. A ship
2. A mobile mining station
3. A mobile mining station base
4. Some dark matter probes
5. An industrial plant.
6. A spacesuit
You can buy the mobile mining vehicle on Harmonia.
From the same store you can also purchase your base, your first set of drones and also get your base repaired.
You do this through the base command.
What to do:
1. Head out to the area at which dark mines can be found. See help uncharted space.
2. When your computer tells you "Dark matter mines have been detected." It is time to find one.
This is where it gets tricky.
2.1 Type probe sweep. This will sweep the sector for a dark matter mine.
The returned display will look like this:
Dark matter mine detected 5000 east, 2000 south, and 10000 down.
What this then means is you need to add 5000 to your x, 2000 to your y, and minus 10000 on your z axis and head to these new coordinates.
When you are there:
2.2 Type probe east, then probe west.
This will deploy a probe in each direction. One of them will eventually return coordinates for a nearby mine of which you can then head to and type land.
3. Land on the mine.
4. Head out of your ship in your mining station, and head either east or west.
5. Construct your base.
6. Begin mining. See instructions on base below, and if you are going to exit your mobile mining station, be sure to wear a spacesuit or you may die.
7. When you are finished mining, return the base to your vehicle, and the vehicle to your ship.
8. Launch the ship, and either
8.1: Repeat the process
8.2 Or head to your industrial plant and transfer the materials by
9. Landing on the industrial plant.
10. Driving to the cargo bay in your mining station and typing transfer within the vehicle.
11. To get your reward, make sure your industrial plant has a transfer module, then type transfer from the control room.
Instructions on mining bases:
Mining bases are very complicated so please read carefully.
First to construct the base, type construct from a mobile mining station.
This, obviously, requires you actually have a base in your vehicle.
To get one, head to the mobile mining station store on Harmonia, and type base.
When your base is constructed, you can enter it by first exitting your vehicle, then by typing enter base.
This is where the fun begins.
Mining is easy.
To mine a dark matter mine, type mine.
Watch out!
While you are mining, the Vacus are too!
It is a race to see who is quickest at mining.
Watch out, however, because the Vacus will attack your base.
While being capable of mining, the bases are also capable of attacks.
Attacks occur by the attack drones of the base.
When an attack is launched, the attackers attack drones are pitted against the defenders defense drones. If all defense drones are then destroyed, the base itself will take damage, and the attack drones can steel some of its resources.
Should the base take too much damage, the hole thing will explode.
Mines come in varying Ranks of difficulty. Harder mines have more resources, but also contain harder enemies.
In an ideal world, you will want to be the one doing the blowing up of enemy bases.
Here is a list of commands specific to bases:
enter : from outside the base, will enter it
exit: from inside the base, will exit the base.
Repair: Will repair some damage on your base. This requires 3 worker drones.
mine: will mine some raw space materials[dark matter]. This requires 3 worker drones
attack: This will launch an attack on an enemy. This, obviously, requires attack drones.
matter: Check how much matter you have mined
damage: check the damage of your base
destruct: This will collapse your base and put it back in your vehicle. Note that, when your base is returned to the mobile mining station, the resources inside it are then transferred to the vehicle, meaning that, upon reconstruction of the base, you will start with 0 resources in it.
status: See how many worker, attack and defense drones your base has
scout: See what other enemies are on the dark matter mine, what their damage is, and what drones they have
construct: Build an attack or defense drone. This command accepts arguments of att and def. Drones cost 30 raw space material to make, and requires a single worker drone.
List of other commands:
cargo: from a mobile mining station, tells you how much matter you have stored
transfer: From a mobile mining station, will transfer your mined goods into an industrial plant
transfer: From a control room of an industrial plant, will transfer the contents of the industrial plants cargo bay for cash and points
construct: From a mobile mining station, will construct a new base
Note: If you have difficulty calculating the course to set to get to a dark matter mine, you can use the dark matter calculator. This can be found on your informational computer, in the Pilot's hangout.
Rank: 900
Skills: none
Race Advantages: none
Recommended help files: help industrial plants, help uncharted space
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