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activity help: component hunting


It all started back in 2359, when Kazak Moharma, a Maraquden scientist wanted to see if he could salvage anything off of an asteroid or planetoid.
So many things hit an asteroids surface, from other, small asteroids, to starships, to fuel and more, why not, he figured.
It was not to be for Kazak, however, as he unfortunately turned up dead 3 days later. Vast suspicion surrounds the death of the man, the chief suspects being Rival Dragon, Merahn Yellow Scale.
This was never proved, however, but it caused the original enterprise to crash when said dragon attempted to release a product that was earily similar to Kazak's.
In 2440, the industry got a kickstart when Spanish Merchant Matayo Smail, invested 4.6 quadrillion credits into the business and revived the nearly bankrupt company.
It received senate approval in 2460, and became more widespread in 2480. In 2491, the price of vehicles shot through the roof due to a recession on Danimara, the original place of the vehicles creation, and since then they've staid very high.

You will need:

El Cazador
Two friends

What to do:

1. Park your vehicle in your starship.
2. Head out to a field, and then split into two groups:
Group 1, Enter the vehicle, and when the ship is hovering above an asteroid or planetoid, launch it.
Group 2, after the vehicle has launched, land the vessel.
3. Rejoin each other in the vehicle. Person 1 must enter the drill, person 2 must enter the control room.
4. Deploy the drill from the control room.
5. The person in the drill, must start the drill spinning.
6. The person in the drill control room must do two things:
A: Keep the drill repaired.
B: Make sure you keep transferring the materials to the main control room. If the drill control room is filled up, it will not be able to drill any more.
7. When the person in the drill control room types transfer, the person stationed in the drill itself will receive an angle. use this angle to align the tubes to complete the transfer.
8. The person in the main control room must type process, keping the control room free.
Drilling stops when the cargo bay is full, or the asteroid/planetoid is empty.
Before you leave!
Before you leave, make sure to set up your hunter vehicle with some stats at Ruby city on Danimara!

List of commands:

spin: start the drill spinning
deploy: deploy the drill
retract: retract the drill
angle : set an angle
transfer: from the drill control room, will start the transfering process, from the main control room, will transfer the materials.
Process: Process unsorted materials into the cargo bay
cargo: view the cargo hold
launch: launch the vehicle
repair: from the engineering control room of the drill, start a repair
damage: view the damage
deploy-drone, d-d: deploy a drone to swiftly repair 20 percent of the drill damage.


Rank: 325
Skills: drilling
Race Advantages: None
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