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activity help: communication network patching


As a great man once said, "space, is big."
You can't just stand on an asteroid in space and yell back to Star Command that you see enemies inbound.
No one can hear you in space.
The SDL's communication systems are a set of complicated networks with several dozen backup layers and routines.
There are always holes in this network though, the enemy finding it relatively easy to find them and destroy them.
As such, the SDL is always looking for people to put up new devices.
That's where you come in.

You will need:

A ship,
some kind of fuel, as you will be going into deep space.
a remote unlocker, linked up with your ship
a spacesuit

What to do:

1. Head to the communications lab on Star Command and request a starter pack. You can have 5.
2. Get into your ship and head out to the distance shown on the display. You can see this by looking at the pack.
tip: By typing sector , you can see the closest jump point to a destination. so if you wanted to go 400 UC out into deep space, you could type sector 0 400 0, to see if there is a nearby jump point.
3. Configure the device, see below.
4. Exit into space and start up the device.
your job is done!

How to configure:

Communication devices are made up of a set of wires that have to be plugged in in the right order so that the power flows correctly.
This is done in the following way:
They are split into parts, each part has 3 wires, for instance, a part might be green, red and pink.
To help you, the SDL has assigned each wire a number value. the 3rd wire must be the sum of the first to.
So, in our example above, green=6, red=1 and pink-7. green+red=pink, 6+1=7.
It's as simple as that.
Rinse and repeat.
The wires and their numbers are shown in the below table:
1 red
2 blue
3 white
4 orange
5 yellow
6 green
7 pink
8 silver
9 purple



If I had a communications device that had 2 red, 2 blue and 2 white I would connect them in this order:
red, blue white, red blue white.


request: In the communications lab, will request a new pack.
connect : connects up a new wire.
start : starts up your pack once you are done and in space.
restart : Resets the pack.
test : Tests the configuration without engaging the drive.


Skills: exploration licence
Race Advantages: none
Rank: 1200
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