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activity help: city researching


Knowing about the past is a very big facination for any race, especially the humans.
There are many different ways we can look for clues as to how people used to live, but none are as ritch as our oceans.
Recently, a researcher named Maryanne Filthspra applied for a permit to research underwater cities.
She was granted this and it was not long until the facts started rolling in.
Seeing this, she opened up her business, giving her time to research found artifacts without any danger.

You will need:

an activity research container
a salve, if you are a human
a boat
the energy dome upgrade
the submarine upgrade on your boat

What to do:

1. Go to The researcher Maryanne Filthspra on Astraeus and say buy to purchase a container.
2. Get the upgrade for your boat.
3. Unmoor your boat and find a city.
4. Move to the city, see help boat commands.
5. Dock into the city.
6. Disembark and go exploring.
7. Collect any artifacts you see lying around and kill off any nasty mobs in the place.
8. When you are ready, unmoor your boat and return to maryanne filthspra.
9. Give her your container and enjoy the reward!
*** Warnings ***
1. There are a lot of monsters in this activity.
2. While you are in a city, waves will try to sweep you through the city. If they get you, they will hurt you and knock you into a new room.
*** notice ***
You will only get a reward for an artifact if it is in the container when you give it to the researcher!


From the boat:
cities: find the local cities
citydock: moor to a city
unmoor: unmoor from a city.
In the city itself:
vault: vault over a wave. You must do this within 3 seconds of the wave entering the room, so pay attention!


Rank: 350
Skills: None
Race Advantages: none
Recommended help files: help boat command.
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