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activity help: black dwarf harvesting


Black Dwarves are similar too, and yet uniquely different from, stars.
they have been a known entity in space for over 400 years. Black Dwarves are stars that have, essentually, lived out their long lives.
They expand and then begin to cool down. In the cooling stage, it was discovered by scientist Hansimun that crystals, much like diamonds, were forming on the very outer edge.
He noticed that they were not common place, but, that about 40 some odd crystals could be expected on each Black Dwarf.
After annalyzing these shards, it was found they were formed of carbon with an odd, and as of yet unknown, bond.
He realised swiftly that if you combined this with extreme heat, you would produce enough energy to fuse them together into diamond. Not pretty diamonds for jewelry, but definitely industrial diamond.

You will need:

A ship with the deep space scanning module installed.
An industrial plant
A capability to go into deep space
The crystals cargo expansion
The black dwarf harvesting upgrade
A factory with a gas compression chamber

What to do:

1. Head over -150, or 150 south/north out of sector 1 or War Cluster Omega, respectively.
2. when you enter a sector with Black Dwarves in, your computer will tell you about it.
3. Explore until you find one.
4. Go to the black dwarf, and begin harvesting.
5. Revel in your amazing powers of making things with your refiner.
Note: The refiner is a craftable item made on industrial plants. Please refer to chelp crafting on an industrial plant.


use : use your refinery to make something. Note that the refiner must be bolted in a gas compression chamber to work.
transfer : transfer harvested crystal into your refiner
extract from : extract crystal shards from your black dwarf.
repair : repair your gear
You can make from this activity:
1. A laser, beam cannon, phasers, or molecular disruptor diamond. You can install a maximum of 2 of each type in each room, which will raise the power of the weapon.
2. Coat of crystal. This will add 2500 to either your defensive armour, or hull, and can be installed 4 times.

Recommended upgrades:

You may want to get the deep space scanning enhancer, to make your life a little bit easier.


Rank: 1000
Skills: Black Dwarf harvesting licence
Race advantages: none
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