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activity help: archaeology


Finding out about the past has always been, and probably will always be, a great facination for human and dragon alike.
It never fails to amaze us how our primitive selves came blinking into the light of the sun, taking those first steps into manhood before growing and aging into the advanced magnificents of today.
The SDF and other organisations are not deluded. They know that we will continue to advance and advance but they still love the thrill of the past, especially as most of earth's relics have been lost to time and pollution.
Have you got the patience it takes to reach into the past, and grab the sand of time, winding it back to an age gone by?

You will need:

an info computer
a digging drone
some digging solution
some chemical solutions.

What to do:

1. Gather up your materials.
2. Find an archaeology site and run your scanner.
3. Either comb the area for bones, or follow your scanners directions to bones.
4. Prepare the soil using the digging solution.
5. Dig the bone out using your drone.
6. Determine what chemical the bone is covered by, then clean it using the counter chemical.
7. Keep hold of the bone in your inventory and repeat.
8. When you have enough bones, head over to a research center and claim your reward!
Note: Bones on the surface are not what they appear to be! It is rare that the bone you thought you saw, and the bone you dig up, are the same.

Table of chemicals:

Chemical, counter chemical, description of chemical:
calcium carbonate, a mixture of calcium carbonate and sodium carboproxide, small traces of limestone have been known to build up on bones, causing them to become brittal and delicate
malurium calsenite, amikalo paranix, believed to be the residue left over after a Cy-larkens biocore decays.
defurium balira, ombium delfuranite, Believed to be a chemical found in the blood of the ancient Navu dwelling lizards called Difforrus.
candro's serum, sodium lawrenide, candro's serum was discovered by Doctor Andrew candro's in the late 21st century and is believed to be solid evidence of starship activity.


prepare: If you are carrying digging solution, will prepare the soil around you to be dug
Type extras to jump to the extras menu of your info computer, then choose the archaeology scanner to begin the scanner.
dig: use your digging drone to dig up the bone.
l : Look at the bone to determine what chemical it is covered by
clean with : clean up the chemical from the bone
research: when in the research facility, will research your bones.


Rank: 150
Skills: none
Race advantages: none
Recommended help files: help drago.
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