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activity help: Wormhole Jumping


One of the great facinations of modern science are wormholes.
Wormholes are like huge rips in the very fabric of space itself. After the great disaster, it is taught in the Academies that two high dencity areas were formed known as the blackhole region and the star cluster zone.
Between these two highly dangerous zones sit our space, but our space is not empty. Aside from the common objects there are other, more subtle disturbances.
Pockets of gamma radiation formed together by the shifting gravity field begin to warp together until they form what are called wormholes.
Using very advanced techniques we are able to jump through said wormholes into strange new places, far out of local space. The wormholes are, however, unstable and can take you anywhere from a debris sector, to an enemy quadrant.

You will need:

A ship with a wormhole gear upgrade.
A mapper with the wormhole patch installed.

What to do:

1. Scan for wormholes either using your info computer, under the general info section, or using the wormhole patch on your mapper.
2. Navigate out to the wormhole and scan it.
3. Jump through it and wreak hell on what you find.
Be aware: Wormholes have limited usage. Keep an eye on gamma traces, because if they fall below 1000, the wormhole becomes unstable and will collapse if you use it again, causing a lot of damage.


jump : jump back to a local sector.
wormholes mapper, use your mapper to check for wormholes. You must have the wormhole patch installed on your mapper.
Wormhole : Do an action using your wormhole gear. Valid arguments are scan and jump.


Rank: 750
Skills: none
race advantages: none
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